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Should Japan build its own nuclear arsenal?
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Autor:  Miyaguchi [ sobota, 11 listopada 2006, 23:53 ]
Tytuł:  Should Japan build its own nuclear arsenal?

Should Japan build its own nuclear arsenal?

Abe watched over nuclear debate

North Korea's nuclear test angered many Japanese

And should Japan's government rewrite the country's pacifist constitution to make it easier for its troops to be deployed abroad?

Nuclear weapons have long been a taboo subject, but the need for a discussion was raised by a senior member of the governing party, Shoichi Nakagawa, in the aftermath of North Korea's nuclear test in October.

The Foreign Minister Taro Aso made similar remarks.

That prompted the new Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, to make quite clear his government's commitment to its three non-nuclear principles - that Japan will not create nuclear weapons, possess them or allow them on Japanese soil.

Mr Abe says the constitution is out of date

Japan has the world's fourth largest military budget in dollar terms, and yet the constitution says it should not maintain armed forces.

The nuclear crisis may suit Abe because he'll be able to exploit that to get public opinion towards a position that says Japan must play a higher role


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