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Japan's long wait for organ donors
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Autor:  noel [ środa, 29 listopada 2006, 22:17 ]
Tytuł:  Japan's long wait for organ donors

I found this article on BBC website. It's a bit short but very interesting (at least for me). I didn't know there is such a problem to get an organ transplantation in Japan. I was wondering if it's only because of the strict law (I was shocked to hear that in Japan it is not allowed to take organs from people under 15s) or people's attitude towards such actions.
Has anyone of you ever heard anything about that topic?


noel ;)

Autor:  Norek [ czwartek, 30 listopada 2006, 11:56 ]

The article is really interesting, and I must say it really surprised me.
I've never heard of this kind of problems in Japan.
We have similar situation in Poland (where family don't agree to take organs from their relatives), however it seems to be much better than the one showed in the article.
I was wondering, why can't young people be organ donors for those who need it...
I thought that maybe shinto forbids it, but I have to check it.
And no wonder why people buy organs from China...
Maybe this is a way to help it, to import organs from abroad, e.g. China, where many people are sentenced to death (I know it may sound cruel, but those people are "going to die anyway").

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