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The day the red lights went out in Japan
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Autor:  noel [ środa, 2 kwietnia 2008, 21:02 ]
Tytuł:  The day the red lights went out in Japan

Exactly 50 years ago today (April 1), Japan's formal ban on the centuries old act of prostitution came into effect. The Prostitution Prevention Law outlawed the world's oldest profession even though it had long been one of Japan's most lucrative. But the law was filled with loopholes and even today the sex business remains one of Japan's biggest industries
http://mdn.mainichi.jp/photospecials/gr ... 31baishun/

This is a short article from Mainichi Shimbun commemorating introduction of Prostitution Prevention Law. What's more important, the text is followed by many archive photos from the 50's. It's really worth seeing.

noel ;)

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