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Japanese culture study
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Autor:  Petya-Syb [ wtorek, 28 lutego 2006, 17:41 ]
Tytuł:  Japanese culture study

Hello everybody! I'd like to ask all of ya, what do you think Japanese culture study should start with? Maybe there are books, movies, songs or other things you could recommend? Tell me, please, what was the first thing you read/saw/heard about Japan and it's culture? I'm kinda a beginner in all this, in the meaning I never studied Japanese culture systematically. But that's what I am up to right now. What could you recommend? Looking forward to your comments. Thanks.

Autor:  Miyaguchi [ wtorek, 28 lutego 2006, 19:08 ]

Welcome in our forum! Everybody are glad that You wrote to Us! I suppose that you dont know Polish ( although Russian is similar to Polish a bit ;-) ) so You can have some problems with to get about in our forum. But dont worry – we’ll try and anwer on Your each question.

You asked Us about study japanese culture . It is so huge topic. You asked us about general problem. Japanese culture is so relative term. First of all You must choose what You want to get to know.
Maybe You are interested in Japanese language and You want to learn it. On our forum we have many interesting links. Look:


There are many links about Japanese language ( grammar, dictionaries, audio files, some exercises etc. ).

Maybe You are interested in Japanese literature. If You want to know something about Japanese culture You can find something in Russian positions. I think there are many books about Japanese culture. If You know English very well I can recommend You many position on English. For example if You like read about geishas You can check some books:

http://gojapan.about.com/cs/books/tp/aa ... habook.htm

There are top five books about geishas. If You want buy some book You can buy in http://www.amazon.com . But I think there are many books about Japanese culture in Russian bookshops, too.

Maybe You are interested in Japanese movies. I think the most famous director is Akira Kurosawa. So I can recommend You many movies by him:


There are many programs about Japanese culture in Discovery Channel or something like that too.

I know I wrote only 0.01 % about study of Japanese culture. I am confident that many people from this forum will give You many important and useful advices. I hope You’ll spend good time here.
Remember, in the course of time You’ll get to know many interesting things about Japanese culture. I hope with help of Us ;-)

Good luck!

Autor:  noel [ wtorek, 28 lutego 2006, 19:09 ]

Welcome in our forum Petya-syb. Your question is kinda hard because this is a polish forum and we concentrate on polish sources/books. But if you want I can look through and find some english stuff for you.
Usually people start with the things that are almost symbols of Japan like: samurai, tea ceremony, martial arts, geisha, customs and festivals but it also depends on you for example: I'm not interested in economy and industry so I know little about it but I know a lot about geisha, art, customs and culture. If you understand written polish you can visit the mother web site of this forum (http://www.japonia.org.pl) where you can find many interesting articles grouped in specific categories. I think they are just O.K for a beginner like you.


Autor:  gryzak [ wtorek, 28 lutego 2006, 19:26 ]

If u are interested in books i can recommend u polish auctions http://www.allegro.pl (i'm not sure but i think there were also a Russian version of it). U can find there some books about culture, cinematography or language in Russian, but unfortunately there are mostly old editions. However, some kinds of books are timless so i think it won't be problem with going out of a date of these items. I hope our hints are useful for u! Please ask if necessary!

Autor:  Petya-Syb [ środa, 1 marca 2006, 14:43 ]

Well, thank you very much for your replies. I would spend some time following the links and tell ya my impressions :-)

Autor:  Agiaa [ środa, 1 marca 2006, 22:17 ]
Tytuł:  Sources...

If it's not a problem for you to read the books on Japan in English, I have couple of titles in which you might be interested. You can get them online. There is one drawback however - the prices.
Here are the titles:
'A History of Japan' by Conrad Totman
'Japanese Culture' by Paul Varley
'The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Japan'
'Anthology of Japanese literature' by D.Keene
'A modern history of Japan' by Andrew Gordon
Here are some links which you might find useful:
Good luck!

Autor:  Petya-Syb [ czwartek, 2 marca 2006, 17:25 ]

Hey, thank you very much once again. I found a good link, dunno whether you met it or not before:


Good language in there and it really lets ya get to know a bit more about what Japan is from different poits of view (speaking mostly about the history of Japan).

Autor:  sheena [ niedziela, 5 marca 2006, 16:49 ]

I'd like you to learn about another great aspect of japanese (asian in general) culture: Go - board game of capturing territory.
For further infomations please visit
and also http://go.weiqi.ru/ :)

hope to see you on one of the internet go servers soon :)

Autor:  noel [ sobota, 11 marca 2006, 21:55 ]

As for russian books on polish auction website Allegro - there is "A history of Japan" avaliable for 3 more days. Thought it may interest you.
http://www.allegro.pl/item91016207_hist ... ponii.html

But if you search for books in english I would recommend Hawaii University Press. I think they are one of the best publishing houses in field of japanese studies. I got one of their books and I can tell you it is worth the price. I would recommend checking their special offers, sometimes you can find book at really low price.
http://www.uhpress.hawaii.edu/cart/shop ... word=Japan

Autor:  Miyaguchi [ sobota, 27 maja 2006, 22:20 ]

I've found something special for You Petya!

Great japanese-russian dictionary


Although issued in the 1970 but there are about 100 000 words !

Price - 160zł

160.00 PLN Poland Zlotych = 1,406.14 RUB

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